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Моја слика
24 years old / student at Univerzitet Džon Nezbit / dancer / alternative model / actress / from Serbia.

петак, 20. децембар 2013.

Red Passion

Hey! It's time for new post. Here is still winter, without snow. This year, these is the last one photo session that I will work out outside. I'm wearing my mom's red dotted t-shirt, I don't know where she bought, but if you like it, you can buy the most things from photo sessions here http://mojekrpice.rs/aevouletteb-22147 , skirt was gift from my friend from Germany, but I reworked skirt because she was too long, so now it's unique, coat is from ebay, and hair ornament from Asian Shopping Center. I hope you enjoyed this post, because the next one will be special, so stay tuned...