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Моја слика
24 years old / student at Univerzitet Džon Nezbit / dancer / alternative model / actress / from Serbia.

петак, 31. јануар 2014.

Hot Mess

Hey! It's time for second (last one) part of photo session with ferrari. As you can see,  it's a little bit different than first, because in first post I wear glam underwear, and here I was ''mechanic'' girl. I'm wearing mom's denim shirt (you can find at TC Depo), redesigned denim jeans with suspenders but now as you can see it's shorts, platform shoes from some fancy store (I can't remember the name) in Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra and cap from Auto Centar Marcetic (that was gift from them). I hope you like at least one part of this photo session, and stay tuned for more creative and interesting posts about fashion in my way.