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24 years old / student at Univerzitet Džon Nezbit / dancer / alternative model / actress / from Serbia.

недеља, 22. новембар 2015.

Cold Blooded

Pvc Bra / New Yorker
Pvc Skirt / Calliope
Shoes / Novecento

Hey! Here is as I promised, post with my favorite animal. I must confess that I was excited like I never was before, and so relaxed when I was holding her. She is beautiful and the most peaceful creature in the world. I love snakes a lot, because sometime I can identify with them. Her owner told me to see that I really like snakes, because I was very relaxed with her like nobody before. Big thanks is going to photographer Dusan Knezevic for turned into reality my dream. Subscribe and stay tuned until next week...xx