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Моја слика
24 years old / student at Univerzitet Džon Nezbit / dancer / alternative model / actress / from Serbia.
Приказивање постова са ознаком autumn fashion. Прикажи све постове
Приказивање постова са ознаком autumn fashion. Прикажи све постове

понедељак, 31. октобар 2016.

Autumn Orange Afternoon

Photographer: Ddaacha

Coat / Mona
Tights / Calzedonia
Hat / New Yorker
Earings / Aliexpress
Boots / Bershka

Hey everyone! Here is the new post for this week. I really like colors of Autumn, but not really like the cold weather. So I catch some sunny days for take pictures. You can wear this for a walk, work or going out, because it's warm and elegant at the same time. I hope you like it. Stay in touch, more posts coming soon...

недеља, 08. новембар 2015.

Between Light and Shadow

Blazer / Mona
Skirt / Amisu
Boots / Amazon

Photographer: Duck Marley

Hey! As I said, here is the new post, and I hope you like it. I must say that these days I has a lot photo sessions, different and one of them is with my favorite animal. So stay tuned until that, and subscribe to my blog... xx

недеља, 01. новембар 2015.

Perfect Cloudy Fall

Blazer / Mona
High waist pants / Calliope
Bra / H&M
Shoes / Novecento

Photographer: Duck Marley

Hey guys! Here is the new post, again with the same creative and brilliant photographer Duck Marley. If you want photos like mine, please contact him. If you like my blog, press the button subscribe and stay tuned, until next Sunday...xx

субота, 17. октобар 2015.

Fallen Raven

Blouse / C&A
Gray jeans / H&M
Hat / C&A
Leather belt / Mona
Shoes / H&M

Hello guys! I just need say that I'm sorry because I didn't write anything here for 2-3 months. I had some issues, but now I'm here. With new collaborations, and new ideas...I promise, that I will try my best to write posts once a week as before. Big thanks to my photographer Duck Marley, he is the one of the most amazing photographers I've worked with. I was glad that we have a nice collaboration, and this is not the end. So stay tuned until next week...xx

уторак, 25. новембар 2014.