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24 years old / student at Univerzitet Džon Nezbit / dancer / alternative model / actress / from Serbia.
Приказивање постова са ознаком dark style. Прикажи све постове
Приказивање постова са ознаком dark style. Прикажи све постове

понедељак, 15. мај 2017.

Far Away

Photographer: Ddaacha

Dress / HandmadeNecklace  / Accessorize

Hello everyone! Here is the new post as I promised. I hope you like it. As you can see I wear handmade dress, and you can wear it for prom night or for a wedding. I'm in love with this dress. New projects coming soon, so subscribe to my blog and stay tuned...xx

недеља, 19. фебруар 2017.

The Black Rabbit

Photographer: Marko Radovic

Topcoat / Mona
Bra / Censored
Skirt / Calliope
Boots / Deichmann
Bunny mask / Aliexpress

Hello, it's me after a week belatedly. I hope you are still following my work here. I did this collab after a long time with amazing photographer Marko Radovic. You can check his work on link above this text. I promise that I will be more active here, so stay tuned and be prepared...xx

понедељак, 19. децембар 2016.

Wreck & Ruin

Photographer: Ddaacha

Blouse / Zara
Skirt / Calliope
Tights / Calzedonia
Boots / Office Shoes
Hat / H&M
Necklace / La Sorella

Hey! Here I am. I hope you like this fashion combination, it's more for everyday. Like for a walk, time for a tea with your friends or a meeting with your crush. If you like my blog, just subscribe and be prepared for next week because something sparkly and glamorous come...xx

понедељак, 07. новембар 2016.

Under The Shadow

Photographer: Ddaacha

Top / Zara
Corset / Silkey's
Skirt / New Yorker
Tights / Calzedonia
Boots / Deichmann
Necklace / La Sorella

Hello people, what's up? Long time I didn't post something like this. Dark style, gothic or how ever you want call it. I forget how much I loved this style. You can wear this everyday, or for a parties or whatever you want, because it fits for everything. I hope you like it, stay tuned because more collabs are coming soon..xx

понедељак, 27. јун 2016.

Acid Annie

Photographer: Ddaacha

Dress / Top Shop
Boots / Butik Selection
Hair Extensions / Aliexpress
Red color lenses / Effect Contact Lenses

Hey! Here is the new post with a little dark attractive style. I really love black color the most, and I feel like myself when I wear it. You can wear this only for nights out or parties, because it's too much for a daily wear. But if you someone who don't care what other people say, you can wear it whenever you feel good. Next week I will prepare to you something more artistic post but with a little wild fashion style. So stay in touch with me, subscribe until then..xx

понедељак, 20. јун 2016.

A Ghost Story

Photographer: Ddaacha

Dress / Vintage shop
Shoes / Novecento

Hello people! Finally here is something completely new, so far unseen on my blog. This isn't one of the fashion posts. This is art. I'm still in love with dark style and dark creepy art. I found this amazing dress in one Vintage shop in my Town. So, I decided to be ''dead'' bride. This wonderful dress I want to use for Halloween this year but with more scary makeup. I hope you like this pictures, and stay tuned for more amazing things that are coming next week...xx