Friday, February 21, 2014

Fly High

This time I will present to you something different than you've ever seen on my blog. As I stated in the post ''Dollars On My Mind'', from now on will be more versatile styling but still alternative. One of the reasons is that I can't wear one certain style, because my style depends on the mood of that day. About it I will make a special post in the future. But let's go back to this styling. When I'm happy I just love to wear more different colors, as you can see here. And yeah, I highly respect Bob Marley (RIP). I'm wearing T-shirt from Tally Weijl, green jeans from New Yorker, Varsity jacket from Terranova, boots from Metro, cap from Smart shop (ZLA Shtek), ''gold'' chain and hoop earrings from Asian Shopping Center. I hope you like it, thanks everyone who follow my blog and stay tuned.

Black Is Such A Happy Color

Photographer: Marko Ostojic Dress coat / Studio Queen jns Jeans / H&M Sandals / Deichmann Hello people! I...