Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Wedding Bells

Photographer: Ddaacha
Dresses and accessorize / Katty's brides
/ Facebook page

Hello people! I am a big believer in pursuing your passions and creating what you love, so this year I decided to follow my passion and to be bride for a moment. The thing I love most about wedding dresses is the way they can make someone feel, a flowing silk skirt or the feeling of lace against the skin can add so much to the emotions that a bride feels. This is what I also love about styled shoots, the way they can evoke emotion, the slight movement of a hand against delicate fabric or the subtle look in someone's eyes. There is so much work and talent that goes into creating a styled shoot, and they're often big collaborations. Like this one with Katty's brides dresses. For a moment I felt like a princess and I was so excited. Especially because these girls are so pleasant for collaboration and their dresses are really magical. This dresses are only few of the many they have in their showroom. The prices are really popular for everyone. So, if you want  to be elegant and classy or glamorous like a queen, you should go there. I hope you like this post, stay tuned, more projects coming soon. xx

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